12 November 2015

Specimen Project 01

Specimen 01 October 2015

This is the start of a self initiated project. 
Every month I'm going to produce a Specimen sheet of various type and ornaments. The aim is to explore different techniques, practise my type setting & improve my composition skills.
It would be great to also try and include a woodcut / lino cut now and again just to mix things up.

Printed on a Stephenson Blake proof press, using oil based inks. 
For the initial yellow background colours I used acrylic tinting blocks and wooden rule. I let this dry thoroughly before over printing. I used tracing paper to check registration etc.

The ornaments are varied, some being new - purchased from the Carpathian Type Foundry.
Others are random bits and bobs, some of which I'd never got round to using.

Looking forward to the next one. 

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