7 October 2012

Model No.1 Press - The Model Printing Press Co, London EC.

New Project!  - Model No.1 Presses. 

I recently acquired two Model No.1 Presses, complete, with four original chases & luckily two original roller bearers I can copy.  The inside chase measures 5 inches by 3inches.

There is some serious cleaning to do....at some time they've been completely covered in grease - perhaps to stop rusting...& some adjustments to be made. 

If any can tell me the diameter of the rollers for this press I'd love to hear from you...for now I'm presuming they are the same as the roller bearers. 

I find learning about the history of these machines fascinating - & being able to keep these presses working will be very rewarding. 

The bottom two pictures are of an existing roller runner - 30mm diameter.


  1. Hope this helps...http://britishletterpress.co.uk/presses/small-presses/model-press/

  2. Many thanks for the link Ben.....some good info there!

  3. Hi Simon, I have just acquired a model 1 and it was your blog that inspired me to 'go for it' as there was very little info online, although mine is in need of a lot of tlc https://www.flickr.com/photos/etchingsplus/.
    Did you get your rollers sorted, I am a long way off of that at the moment but it would be handy to know where to go if/ when that day arrives

    1. Hello, I saw your photos on flickr, I'm sure you'll get it up and working again with abit of TLC! I got my rollers from Eli Evans ( http://ellievans.myshopify.com/pages/made-to-order )...they're very helpful. Good luck with the renovation!