15 October 2012

Adana H/S 2

This is another project in progress - an Adana H/S 2.

The top picture is missing the ink disk ratchet mechanism...and a few washers etc.
Im sure this is a H/S 2  - however there is no 'Adana' branding or Model name on the casting, just a stamped manufacturing Number. The casting is pretty crude in places - (if you look at the ink disc socket and look at the alignment of the hole to the casting) 

For now I simply cleaned all the alloy parts - the main body had a botched paint job on it at some point in its life so I had to strip it...the pictures show the priming. 

A word of warning is that if you are sanding / stripping paint from Pre - 1970's be aware that alot of the paints contained lead dryers in them...always wear a mask/gloves & do it outside if possible despite the age!!

I'll post pictures of the finished press soon & a first print!

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