1 September 2012

Whittington Press Open Day 2012

A visit to a working press is something you dont get to do every day so a visit this weekend to the Whittington Press on its open day was a must. There was plenty to see and even an opportunity to use a Proof press (see video above) & a Model. No.3 Press. On the stalls were a myriad of fine prints & papers for sale, with a marbling display which I must admit caught my fascination & is next on my things to learn!!

There was also a monotype caster in operation - which to my surprise wasn't as noisey as I was expecting - but quietly clicked & clanked away producing lines of type...it must take years to learn the workings & maintenance of that machine...I was somewhat mesmerised at the type being produced so quickly & then neatly pushed into place in a line...thats some real human ingenuity right there.

The Whittington Press ☞    http://www.whittingtonpress.com/

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