5 September 2012

Time For Tea - Letterpress Print



A new print - Time For Tea! - printed with a lino block (for the tea pot) & wooden type - on Bockingford 300gsm NOT paper, so it has a little texture to it. 

I think lino block printing is such a great & accessible medium. For beginners the basic equipment is affordable (plastic handled lino cutting tools - a wooden spoon for burnishing - ink -  paper) & great results can be had. 

I use a proof press(see My Presses page) to print my lino cuts but burnishing can be more versatile as you can apply pressure where you want it - so if you wanted a section slightly lighter then you simply apply less pressure. I've also seen clothes mangles used & rolling pins but I've never tried these methods...if you have,  I'd be interested to hear from you & to see the results! 

Lino combined with printing type also allows for pictorial elements - getting printing plates made can be expensive so lino is a great alternative - you may not get as fine a line with lino or a 'fashionable' impression in the paper - but you get a greater freedom of line I think & the whole experience / satisfaction of making it....which is what I'm in it for!

Have a go!

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