10 February 2011

Adana 8 X 5

O.K.....so I bought an Adana 8 X 5 about three weeks ago. In all likelyhood if you are buying one second hand it might need abit of maintenance!....and/or need parts!

I carefully cleaned - with white spirit/ soap and warm water - all the components.

The gripper arms were seized....see Caslon pdf for part identification.....CASLON.
Also the gripper box and fingers were missing....and there was no lay gauge!

What I found is that the old oil used to lubricate the machine had solidified, WD40 soon solved the problem...dont force any parts if they dont move freely - let the WD40 soak in for a while.

The Adana 8 X 5 has maintenance oiling holes - if you look at any of the main pivot points you can see them.....unblock them and re-oil.

I used sewing machine oil - as this was recommended to me by an old printer that I bought some metal type off of - i dont think this is a hard and fast rule - any machine oil perhaps would do?

Please let me know if you use a particular oil which is more suited?

I then mounted the press on a board - bolts and washers from DIY store - wood from a kitchen work top cut off. I use a 'black and decker' workmate bench to hold the press in place....handy if you need to fold it away to make more space.

Any questions....i'll try to answer!

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